We are a full service 360/VR video production company working with creative partners from ideation to completion. We are excited about the storytelling potential of this medium now that it is finally approaching a level where the immersive experience is accessible to a mass audience. And also because it’s like the early days of film, and the rules haven’t been established yet. Travel, documentary, educational, and narrative storytellers are all looking for new ways to engage their audiences. If you’ve got an idea, we will work with you to realize your vision.

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Watch a compilation of various locales we’ve shot as part of a VR app we have in development.

Tonya Kay, The Most Dangerous Woman in Hollywood, invited us along to document her one-of-a-kind classic car drive up and burlesque show.

Marawa the Amazing is the current world record for most number of hula hoops at one time. We had the rare opportunity to film her demonstrating her hula hooping and spike stiletto heel roller skating skills.

Brandon Deese, a talented producer focused on social issues and the impact of music on culture, invited us to collaborate with him as he documented the Santa Monica Youth Orchestra performing a tribute to Kendrick Lamar.

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